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Painting continues here at Guin’s Yard:  the molding is finished, with three coats of semi-gloss paint.  We’ve finished edging the ceiling white, cream, and brown along the trim, and rolled the brown.  It essentially looks finished, but there are a few spots on the walls where a 2nd coat would be a good idea.  Hopefully tomorrow it’ll be done!

This is a good look at the color, from a little earlier in the week:

The thin little strip of Sandbar shows how much lighter it is than the Stone Lion.  Now that it’s (almost) done I think we made the right choice.

One little part of the project that’s still ongoing is that I’m spray painting the brackets for the banister.

From the looks of them, the banister was stained in place, and stain drips are still all over the brass brackets (which I’d probably spray paint anyway, since the brass doesn’t match anything in the house).  I cleaned them up with hot water and a pot scrubber to get little bits of latex paint and dust off, and primed them with spray primer.

Tomorrow I’ll do a first coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

I still haven’t decided if we should leave the banister itself stained or paint it.  I’m not sure what color to paint it if we were going to, so I think it’ll stay as-is for a while.  White seems like it’d get dirty fast, with hands on it all the time.  Plus, there’s still a lot of unpainted molding, so it won’t look out of place right away.  We will get to painting the baseboards when we replace the green carpet, and painting the door frame trim when we replace the interior doors with nicer 6-panel doors in the future.


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A marvel of brass, wood (faux?) and grapevine-etched glass globes, this was the dining room chandelier when we bought the house:

Our dining room, circa 1985-2009

I started shopping for replacements only to find that the iron chandeliers that I really like are pricier than I expected.

Hubbardton Forge

In an ideal world, I’d probably have the chandelier at left, or one like it — but alas, we do not live in an ideal world.  We live in a world where I can either have this light, or go to town when upgrading from our 21″ CRT TV.  We chose the latter.  (The family room has undergone significant re-furnishing and re-arranging, but that’s a topic for another day.)

So what to do with the brass and wood in the meantime?

First, we pulled off the etched glass globes.  That held us for a few months.  The light was brighter, and the 80’s vibe was at least a little less aggressive:
Still awfully shiny, though, and not very complimentary to black and white china.  Or much else, for that matter.

To deal with that, over the last two weeks, I gave it the same treatment that I gave a pair of brass table lamps a few months ago:  I spray painted them with Rustoleum Hammered Metal spray paint (dark bronze).  For about $3 or $4 worth of paint and primer, and about two weeks spending a few minutes a day turning it and adding coats, it’s quite an improvement:

The black & white china appreciates the change.

It was harder to paint than the table lamps, partly because there were more pieces to tape off and keep the paint off of.  It was hard to get the chain completely painted, too.  I did the last few spots after it was reinstalled, with a q-tip dipped in some paint that I sprayed onto a piece of aluminum foil.

I’d still like to replace it eventually; but this was a pretty rewarding short term fix, especially for the cost!

Post paint job: the hammered metal paint looks pretty passably metallic with the light turned on.

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My mom recently bought a new pair of lamps for their master bedroom, and offered the old pair to us.  Being new homeowners, offers like that are almost always accepted.

The only problem is that they’re brass, unlike anything else in our house.  Everything else we’ve chosen (or inherited) has had a satin nickel or wrought iron finish, and we’re in the process of replacing all the brass cabinet hardware in the house.  So off we went, for materials to personalize our new brass lamps.

I came home with spray primer and Rustoleum “hammered metal” finish spray paint in dark bronze.  The cap looked almost black – I was hoping for something vaguely wrought iron in finish.  I also bought two new shades, for a grand total ducking under $40 — $30 for two shades, and less than $10 in paint.

Weapons of choice

First, I wrapped the end of the cord and the top “candlestick” part of the lamp in newspaper and tape to keep them the original cream.

I sprayed one coat of primer, followed by two coats of dark bronze, plus a few touch ups here and there.  The dark bronze paint went on a lot less smoothly than the primer.  It almost beaded up a little bit, to create the pocks of the hammered look.  I almost wondered if I’d have been better off not priming first, because the white primer flecks showed through much more than the original brass would have.  The paint can did say that priming wasn’t necessary.  Ah well.

After a lot more coats than I expected, the finished product came out pretty well:

Then and Now

A slightly larger shade might be in order, but other than that, not bad!   Especially compared to this lamp, available for $83 (for one!) at overstock.com:

Total savings:  About $140.  Nice!

For more Rustoleum spray paint ideas, check out:

Shanty 2 Chic

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