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This morning I bought a quart of Interesting Aqua (SW 6220) for the half bath (and some primer, for the new sheetrock):

After staring at a bunch of paint chips laid out on a 16 square foot tile arrangement on the family room floor, this was the favorite.  I’m very excited to see it go up, but it’s not a secret around here that I love painting.

Incidentally, the Sherwin Williams 40% off sale is running today through Monday, July 20-23.  Happy painting!


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Now that the walls are in pretty decent shape, it’s time to turn our attention back to the floor.  This weekend, we made progress on the flooring under the tile.

First, the Ditra went down over the concrete slab.  The Ditra will help with a couple of challenges with this floor.  First, it provides an uncoupling layer between the cracked slab and the tile that will be laid above it, so if there’s any movement in the crack in the future, it won’t cause the tiles to crack.  It also provides a waterproofing membrane, and vapor barrier under the tile.

The upper surface has a waffle texture, with undercut dovetail squares, and the bottom surface has a fleecy backing for adhering to thinset between the Ditra and the concrete.

After we laid the Ditra (and the thinset dried overnight), we started playing with the tile layout.  A few of the tiles, maybe a third or so of the square footage, are cut and ready to go.  The starting point for the tile pattern is the triangular half tile that is centered in the doorway.  We’ll build the pattern from there.  That will be a pain when we actually lay the tile, because we want to work our way out of the room, but for setting the pattern it works better this way.

I think the average tile color is darker than the tile that we brought home to look at initially.  Only a few are as light as it was.  I was a little surprised by how dark they are, but I think it will look good when it’s done.

After playing with the layout a bit, we took the tiles out and started the next step in installation, which is the radiant heat.  We used a 3×5′ mat from Laticrete which will lay under the floor where people will walk/stand.  It didn’t seem necessary go to the additional complexity of installing it under where the sink bowl will be.

The mat is self-sticking, so with just a little wiggling and adjustment, we got it down where it needed to go.  The wires come up in the lower left corner, and are run up behind the wall to the thermostat, which will be next to the light switch and GFI outlet.  I forgot to take a picture of that, oops.

Once the wires were run, we were ready to cover it up.  It took quite a lot of thinset to bury it completely, and fill the undercut waffle pattern in the Ditra to anchor it down.

The next step will be tiling over it!

We also started thinking about paint colors.  Sherwin Williams is having a 40% off sale next weekend, so I’d like to decide by then what color I want to paint the walls.  If I really can’t, I can of course buy untinted paint on sale and tint it when I decide, but deadlines are good for me.

I laid out a few pieces of tile in the family room to look at paint cards against.  The walls used to be SW Sleepy Blue, which is the same color as the family room.  I like it, but I think I want something a little darker in the new half bath, and I’m not absolutely wedded to going with the same color card.

So back to the drawing board.

Ok, maybe not that far back.  How about one of these?

Colors from three of these four cards have been used somewhere else in the house already.  It turns out I’m pretty predictable.

We’re thinking about something from the middle (4th) row, probably on one of the two more blue cards.  Sleepy Blue is the 2nd from top, on the leftmost card.  Decisions, decisions.

Laying and grouting the tile are the only two steps left before we can install the new toilet.  Then we can re-hang the door, and be able to use the bathroom again a little bit.  That will save us a lot of walking upstairs!

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I’m pretty sure this is a new and daring use of the word “progress”?

what with 3 fabric swatches and countless paint chips strewn about our dining room table…

All kidding aside, we’ve narrowed a few things down.  We’ve settled on a window treatment fabric:

and are starting to narrow down paint colors.  I’m obviously favoring a gray/aqua – but can’t decide if I want to do the dining room in lighter/darker shades of the same color (above/below the chair rail) or if I’d rather do dark brown below.  (Feedback welcome.)

Narrowing down the shade of aqua is almost even harder.  Several would work with the curtains, so it really comes down to which shade will look best with some of the wall hangings in the room.  This is potentially our toughest customer:

I think with the yellow and brown matting, it’ll be fine, since there’s yellow/gold and brown in the curtains.  The colors are generally brighter than the rest of the things we’re picking out, though, so we need to pick the wall color carefully.  We got a postcard in the mail that paints & stains are 30% off at Sherwin Williams this week with the ad (seriously, do they ever sell paint at full price!?  Not to me!), so maybe we’ll pick up a couple sample pots to try.

Now that we’ve picked out curtain fabric, that also means that at my next free opportunity, I can pick out fabric to recover the dining room chair seats.  I’m working on refinishing a pair of end tables for the living room (helloooo Craig’s List!) and three spare chairs which will be painted black, and get the same fabric as the regular dining chairs.  Handy to have when we host dinner for bigger groups.

I’m thinking I’ll buy extra fabric to cover throw pillows for both the living and family room couches too.  That will help tie the whole floor together.  Whee!  Now if only I had more hours in the day to execute.

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What great timing!

40% off paints and stains at Sherwin Williams, September 24 to 26 – plus 30% off painting supplies and 10% off wall coverings.

Sandbar SW7547

40% is a bigger than usual sale, so I’m looking forward to stocking up.  I’m planning to buy one gallon tinted for our master bedroom project (yay, I’ve settled on a color!), a backup gallon to have tinted the same color later on if I can’t finish with just one (likely), and a couple gallons untinted for the dining room/living room projects for later this fall.  I still need to take the wallpaper down in the dining room first.  I’ll take those to our local SW to be tinted when I pick a color later on.

Happy painting!

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