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Introducing Marcy

Guin’s Yard has undergone some expansion this holiday season, and we are pleased to welcome Miss Marcy home to Guin’s Yard!

Marcy joins big brother Guinness at the center of life in Guin’s Guin’s & Marcy’s Yard.  Our house has undergone a few temporary changes to accommodate her, including lots of baby gates, and her crate under the kitchen table, which will eventually move to the family room with Guinness’.

Guin and Marcy are well on their way to being best buddies, even now at 9 weeks for her and almost 6 years for him.  He has been very patient with her barking, noisily missing her littermates, and playing, sharp puppy teeth and all.

She was born November 2, 2012, and joined our family just in time for New Years 2013.  She is named for Mt. Marcy in the Adirondacks.  Watch for the blog name to change, although the URL will remain the same.

Welcome to the Yard, little fur girl!


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