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Now bounded by a 4′ tall cedar picket fence, Guin’s yard has officially been renamed Guin’s Fetch Field, home to such athletic endeavors as the 50 yard circular sprint, the long fetch, the high fetch, and inevitably, a few catch-me-if-you-can relays.  It’s a leash-free zone — a score for those of us with and without opposable thumbs.

The fence marks the first project featured on the blog that we haven’t done ourselves.  While we don’t intend to make that a habit, we’re glad we didn’t fight the tree roots in the backyard…


…to sink the fence posts along the back property line ourselves.  We called these guys:


The fence arriving in pieces on Tuesday morning

(Bruce Fence, out of Latham) to do the work.

Day 1 involved the sacrificing of a couple of bushes that the fence had to go through (next to the blue spruce), and the back property line:



Day 2 we came home to a finished fence!

DSC_0032I have to admit I’ve been a little surprised at where our property lines actually are!  I had thought we had a few more feet on the side (to include the big bush), and I thought we had a few less feet on the back (I thought the back side of the rectangular planting bed was the line).  Turns out the big bush isn’t ours, and we have an extra yard or so in the back!  Cool – I had been mowing around/under that big ole thing, and it was a drag – plus a little more depth is always good.

Now that we know exactly what we’re working with, it’s time to start thinking about landscaping.  Immediate reactions are that the rectangular bed has got to go (it looks ridiculous to have it floating about a yard off the back fence line), we need some kind of ground cover (pachysandra?  ivy?  myrtle?) that does well in shade under the trees by the back fence, and we’ll need to do something with this corner

DSC_0054now that it’s short two big bushes, as illustrated by the dirt arcs under the fence.

Our neighbors, whose fence we just joined onto, let us know that they’re planning to stain their fence brown (about the color of our deck) soon.  I would imagine that once ours ages enough to stain, we’ll do the same, so it all matches (and lasts longer).  Right now it looks a little funny where their weathered cedar meets our brand new cedar.

Our neighbors' 2 year old fence

Old fence, meet new fence.

Even if we don’t get to much landscaping til next year, though, it’s still going to be great to have a place for Guin to run and play!


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