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Outdoor progress

The side garage door is purple.  We like it!

Final verdict: SW Dewberry

The onion globe light fixtures are installed:  we like them too, although they don’t look as different as we imagined they might.

We also installed a new closet door, which will be the first of many.  We still need to paint it.  If I have time later I’ll do a whole post on that project.  We are doing slab doors rather than pre-hung inside, so we’re going to get good with a router.


We will be replacing all 14 lauan interior doors (including closets) with solid pine 6-panel doors, and all the brass hardware with Schlage satin nickel knobs and hinges.  Now that the first one is up, it really shames the lauan doors!

Hopefully that will motivate me after the holidays to do the rest.  It will be a big project to hang and paint them all.  They will all be painted white, along with all the trim around the doors.  We stocked up on white semi-gloss at the Sherwin Williams 40% off sale this weekend!



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Outdoor lights

The exterior lights for the front porch and garage are ordered!  And at 10% off no less.

For the porch:

and for the garage (x3):


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One of this weekend’s projects was to pick the purple to use on our front door and garage side door.  We got samples of three to try:


Top: Dewberry SW6552
Lower left: Concord Grape SW6559
Lower right: Blackberry SW7577

Blackberry, the most burgundy, was eliminated right away.  The other two were much harder to decide between.



It was hard to tell them apart (Dewberry is on the top and Concord Grape on the bottom), and even harder to decide if this was really the right direction to go in.  The bright, warm red front door makes it so hard to independently assess other colors.  I even broke out the Sherwin Williams Paint Visualizer to see if it would help.  (I’m not sure it did.)

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 6.17.36 PM InScreen Shot 2013-10-20 at 6.18.03 PM

In any event, the consideration goes on.

DSC_0167The other, related question to ponder is whether to paint the red door or just replace it.  I unscrewed the ugly yellow plastic window frame just to see how it came apart (so I could paint it later), and was pretty appalled by what I found.  The screws going from inside to outside through the plastic are the only things holding the window pane into the door, and the plastic is cracked in multiple places.  Plus, there’s no insulation behind the plastic frame.  For about an inch around the edge of the glass, it’s just plastic frame between the warm indoors and the cold outdoors.  We could try blow-in insulation when we put it back together post-paint job if we want to stretch the door’s life a little longer, but I’m not really sure that’s the best road.  I’ve never liked the potential security issues associated with such a large window in the door, so close to the lock and knob, so this could push us over the edge.

There are three styles at Lowe’s that I like the look of:

Any comments on the purple debate or if you have a favorite door are welcome!


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