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This may very well be the last room in the house to get any wall decor!

I took all of the photos on vacation last summer… so even if they’re not all that impressive, they make me happy.  And isn’t that what counts?  Our bedroom is one of our more piecemeal-furnished rooms, so any little bit to make it feel more “finished” and less “interim” is nice.

Alas, though, it turns out that our bedroom is the first room that will need a repaint job:

This area next to our bed is right above where Guinness’ dog bed used to be.  He has a thing for rolling around on his back on his fleece-topped dog bed – and rubbing up against the wall.  I’m pretty disappointed with how the paint wore:  it was Behr flat latex, mixed to match Sherwin Williams Gratifying Green.  Next time we’ll just spend the money for the Sherwin Williams paint, since it’s wearing so much better in the rest of the house.  Live and learn.

For the meantime, I’ve moved his bed and plan to spackle, sand, and paint over it with some of the leftover paint.  When we someday buy a real bedroom set (oh wonderful day in the future…) we’ve agreed that we’ll repaint the room a slightly different, less minty green.  Until then, I’ll just enjoy my beach pictures!


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The room was largely used for storage – not a particularly inspiring space.

and… After:

It’s a legitimately functional guest room!

We knew we wanted to have a guest room permanently set up in the house, because so many of our (mainly my) friends and family live far enough away that when they visit, they need to spend the night.  I wanted to have a bright, comfortable space for them to stay when they come.  Hopefully they agree that we succeeded in that mission!

Behr Song of Summer 340A-3

Behr Song of Summer

We painted the walls Behr “Song of Summer” (340A-3), in flat latex paint.  We were looking for something bright and happy, without being too overwhelming.  The color is a little bolder than I expected, but we like it just fine.  That’s good, because our office is the same color!

The hand painted Boardwalk deed is one of my favorite items:

I bought it for $1 at a yard sale during my first semester of law school.  I was a big yard sale connoisseur at the time, flying solo and furnishing an apartment entirely on my own for the first time.  I have fond memories of that time – I was new to the city, and found people to be kinder than I’d imagined possible.  When I explained to one woman what I was looking for (mostly pots and kitchen stuff), she took me into her kitchen and did a second comb-through for things that weren’t put out on the yard sale table, but she wasn’t using.  She gave them to me for free!  Some of them I still have, others I’ve passed on to the next student in line.  But I digress.

One of the other great things about doing this room was how much we were able to repurpose and/or buy really inexpensively, and still come up with a relatively cohesive room.  We bought new white sheets from Overstock.com, but all of the rest of the bedding had been mine during undergrad/grad school, and just needed a refresh trip to the laundromat.  The bed was bought from a friend who was moving, and no longer had a need/space for it.  The Hawaiian print valence and pillow cases were made by my mom back when I was in college.  We did the room in less than a gallon of paint, which we bought on sale.

Eventually, we’d like to hang up the beach patrol oars over the head of the bed.  For now, they’re tucked on the floor.  We’re still debating the best way to put them up.  A gun rack is definitely an option — but I’m a little nervous about the weight.  We’ve been having some trouble with sheetrock deterioration in the bathrooms, that has complicated replacing the light fixtures.  These oars are 9 feet long, and have steel shafts – weight is definitely something to be concerned with.  We’ll have to figure out exactly where the studs are, and if they’re not located in a useful place, consider hanging them from the ceiling…?

Also on the “eventually” list, is of course, new carpeting for this room, and if we replace bedroom and closet doors and paint the trim white throughout, we’ll do that in here too.  We’ll see!

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