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It’s well documented on this blog that I’m behind in my posts.  So far behind that it doesn’t even make sense to make excuses anymore, so I won’t!  Instead, I’ll just post pictures of the master bedroom put back together after the new carpet earlier this year:





The most obviously unfinished part is the closet:  like all of our bedrooms at this point, our master bedroom doesn’t have closet doors.  The old luan doors were sliders, and that was a pain for two people sharing a closet:  you can only get into one side at once!  We’ll be replacing all the luan doors in the house eventually, so this seemed like a good time to get rid of the luan sliding doors.  Sliding doors require a cutout in the carpet for a small track/guide in the middle of the door frame, so we pulled out the old track when we ripped up the blue carpet, pitched the doors, and put down new carpet without a hole for a track.  Eventually we plan to put in bifold doors, but that day hasn’t come yet.  In the meantime, gold stars for Marcy and Guinness for leaving our shoes alone.

Another project still on the list is the windows.  Eventually we’ll paint the trim around the windows white.  We skipped it in the first round of trim painting because the carpet installers had us on a deadline.  Any trim that didn’t touch carpet was deemed non-essential.  Plus, the previous owners installed the blinds and curtain rods directly to the trim.  Before we paint, we’ll want to take those down and fill the holes, but that means we need to have the new window treatments ready to go.  I’m over the mini-blinds that came with the house, but still undecided on what I’d like to put up.

DSC_0038The new carpet looks so much better than the old jewel tones, but even better is having new carpet padding underfoot instead of almost 30-year old padding.  This post is not so belated that the excitement has worn off!


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We have really big news around Guin’s Yard this summer:  we are officially jewel-tone-carpet free!  That’s right!  All this:

 DSC_0089 DSC_0068 DSC_0062 

is GONE.  We’ll have to show you what’s here instead in installments, though, because most of the rooms aren’t very “finished” looking yet.  When you replace the flooring in this many rooms (plus the family room), there’s a lot of moving STUFF from one room to another, and some of the rooms have emerged from their awkward mid-project adolescence more gracefully than others.  So we’ll start with some works in progress and some finished shots of the rooms that are well on their way.

So the process.

First we chose the carpet.  We used the same color in all of:  the family room, stairs, upstairs hall, and all 4 bedrooms.  We chose it using the guiding principal of “what will match my dogs the best?”


The final choice was “Treasure,” 2nd from top, right most column.  Shown here against our living room carpet which we like very much, but was discontinued since we put it in.  Otherwise we’d have just continued the same color.IMG_0780


We had the house measured, and the carpet ordered.  While we waited for the carpet to come in, we got the first two rooms ready for install, including:

  • emptying out the rooms,
  • ripping out the old carpet and padding,
  • removing the sliding closet doors and the doors’ track in the floor, and
  • de-glossing, priming, and painting (3 coats!) the baseboard trim.

We established a pattern over the course of about a month, where we’d prep two rooms on a weekend, and the installers would come during the week.  Week 1:  family room and green guest room.  Week 2:  Master bedroom, stairs, and upstairs hall.  Week 3:  Yellow guest room and office bedroom.  Week 4:  master bedroom closet, because the piece didn’t fit in week 3.  These were some mammoth work weekends, so we tucked the project into my couple of weeks of down time after my first half ironman of the season, and before I ramped back up (too much) training for the second one.

By the end of it, if neither of us ever saw another gallon of Sherwin Williams Pro Classic semi-gloss paint, it would’ve been fine with us.  Unfortunately that will not be the case:  we still have doors (lots of doors) and the trim around the windows to do.  Those will be projects for another day.  In the meantime, here’s a few pictures of the slog:

Green bedroom progression:

(Mostly) empty:


Green carpet removed:


Trim primed:DSC_0077and, sorry for the teaser, but that’s as far as I’ve got pictures of this one!  Since it was the first bedroom done, it was (and is) stuffed to the gills with stuff from all the other rooms while they were underway.

Master bedroom:  Before carpet was fully removed (edges cut away), white trim paint finished.


and down to the subfloor:


Hall and stairs:  carpet edges cut away for painting.  Note, this was a real problem when doing the hall and stairs, because we had to spend a few days like this with the carpet tacks exposed, and couldn’t close it off well from the dogs.  We ended up baby gating them in another part of the house, and at bedtime, we walked them straight up the carpeted middle on tight leashes.  Not fun.  At least it was short lived.


More painting:


And down to the sub floor for install day #2:


DSC_0111Obviously we didn’t take complete pics in every room, but you get the idea:  tedium!  Anyway, I am pleased to show off the first and most-put-together room after this whole adventure.  The family room:

DSC_0153This room admittedly looks the least different, since the old carpet was cream colored.  But it was not, I don’t think, particularly good quality carpet, and it didn’t look very good up close.  It was showing serious wear patterns, and Marcy sealed the deal as a puppy when she chewed 2 or 3 holes in it.  We are hoping this darker, more tan, more flecked color will do better.


DSC_0156Marcy asks you not to believe a word about this alleged chewing of carpet.  See this face?  This face doesn’t chew.

The family room is probably also the room where the newly white trim is least noticeable, because there’s so much furniture along the walls.  The door frames are noticeable, though, especially the glass exterior doors.  White trim blends into the door much better, which I like.  The trim is not substantial enough to warrant attention being called thereto.

Hopefully I’ll have pictures of some of the other rooms soon!



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Our second guest room has a real double bed now – no headboard, but box spring and mattress.

I look forward to eventually replacing the carpet – so much green! – but hopefully our guests are here to see us and not our carpet anyway.  This puts us to two guest rooms with double beds, plus the air bed that used to be in here.  Like I said in the last post, looks like time to host a party 🙂

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This will be a brief post, because this project is on the short list of those we opted not to take on ourselves.  Last week we hired an electrician to do the wiring for new ceiling fans in all four bedrooms, and wire the wall switches to control the lighted fans, rather than the outlets they previously controlled.

We put three identical fans in the master, spare, and office bedrooms:
We went with Hunter fans for their reputation for being quiet, and picked a low profile model since our ceilings aren’t particularly high.  I’ve never really loved white ceiling fans, but we went that way anyway because we wanted them to disappear into the ceiling as much as possible.

Since they were 52″ fans, we thought that would be a bit much for the fourth and smallest room (the guest room).  The guest room received the 36″ ceiling fan that had previously hung in the hallway over the stairs instead.

It hasn’t been warm enough to use the fans, except to verify that yes, they work, and yes, they’re quiet.  The lights have been nice, though.

Master lighting before: 

Master lighting after:

Guest Room before:

Guest room after:

I’m sure you get the picture.  From dimly lit to bright!

The office and spare rooms got the same treatment:
Obviously these two rooms have a little further to come toward anything that looks finished, but at least now they’re well enough lit that we can see what we’re doing, and what we have to work with.

On the floor in the green room, you can see a whole house fan that is soon to be installed – it will go over the landing/stairs, and we think it’ll be a much more cost effective way to cool the house in the summer when it’s not quite hot enough to need the central air.  The whole house fan was the reason we took the ceiling fan out of the hall to move it into the guest room.  In its place, we put this schoolhouse light:

We were looking for something semi-flush mount, that wouldn’t draw too much attention, was reasonably priced, and had a closed globe so it didn’t collect dust, etc. inside.  Sold.  And it actually looks great!  So win for amazon.com on that one.  Hopefully the whole house fan will go up this week.  Then bring on the warm weather!

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In the last almost 4 years we’ve been married, we’ve never really gotten around to buying bedroom furniture.  For the most part, that’s been fine.  It’s not a room that most people see (well, except blog readers and us!).  We bought the essentials, a queen mattress and box spring, and a metal frame to pick them up off the floor, an inexpensive dresser, and a freestanding full length mirror from Target.  Combined with a handed down armoire and nightstand, and we had the basics.  Other rooms ranked much higher on the furnishing priority list.

As the last few years have gone by, though, my satisfaction waned with the situation.  I really wanted a bed.  A real bed.  With a headboard to lean against to read, and a footboard to keep the comforter off the floor (and ahem, out from under Guinness’ lounging furry self).

I tried really hard to convince myself not to give in, to wait until we were ready to buy an actual bedroom set.  It’s inefficient to bring in an imperfect piece of furniture only to replace in a few years.  But the last couple years since we’ve been in this house has made clear that we aren’t getting much closer to shopping for that bedroom set.  New priorities – house related, and non-house related – keep cropping up.  And that nagging want for a real bed remained.

So, after months of trolling Craig’s List, and a few listings that I lost out on to someone faster, this weekend we found, saw, and bought a bed frame!


I’d been looking for a slatted mission/shaker style bed, preferably with an arched head- and footboard.  Those don’t seem to come up very often.  I saw this one, though, the price was right, and it was awfully close to the target.

After we got it all set up, I was really glad we did it.  It is delightful to have side rails that take the place of a bed skirt.  What with sharing a bedroom with this character:

ease of vacuuming is a big plus.  The too-long bedskirt that we’ve used for the last few years was not a win on that count; it needed to be hoisted up to vacuum under.  Plus, it just looked sloppy and too big.   It just wasn’t working for me.  The footboard keeps the comforter from slipping off the foot of the bed and becoming a de facto dog bed, and the headboard keeps the pillows from doing the same thing at the head.  Reading in bed is a lot more comfortable, too.

There were a few things that surprised me, though.

– the headboard is really tall!

– it’s a lot bigger than the bare metal frame was.  There’s less room to walk around, even though it’s exactly the same mattress & box spring we’ve always had.  I was not anticipating that.

– we’ll need even tinier night stands than I’d expected as a result.

All in all, though, a very exciting second hand purchase!  Another score for Craig’s List.

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Back when we were brand new homeowners, thrilled to death at the idea of NOT having white walls, I couldn’t imagine that I’d ever be excited about beige walls.  But here we are.  This weekend we painted the master bedroom SW Sandbar:

So yay for beige!  It’s a pretty color, and looks pretty different in different light.  These were all taken at night; during the day it looks grayer.

I really liked our old striped bedding, even though it didn’t match the floor, so I’m a little sad to see it go.  It’s right across the hall in the guest room, though, so it hasn’t gone far.

And even though green is my favorite color, I have to admit that the bedroom looks much better put-together now.  And the particular shade of green that the room was, was never really such a plan – it kind of glowed, and made me feel like I should be tasting mint all the time.

A few bigger pictures with more blue in them would be a nice addition, and maybe eventually cream curtains.  No room in this house will ever really done, it seems.  But for now, I think it came out pretty well!  And Guinness’ dog bed matches.  What more could I want…

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The good news is that we’ve decided on new bedding, ordered it, and like it.  We went with Pottery Barn’s Sydney Palampore duvet and shams:

…which in real life looks more like this – not quite so green:

The blue matches the carpet that I’m grudgingly coming to terms with, quite well — and the cream bedsheets that we already own match well too.  Thumbs up.  All we need is a new bed skirt, since the green one matches our old bedding, and doesn’t quite match these.

Even though I acknowledge that our blinds and valences aren’t the most hip window treatments ever, we already own them, which elevates them considerably in my estimation.  We have both blue

and mushroom colored versions of the same valence, holdovers from our last house (as well as green, hanging in the master bedroom now). Depending on wall color, either could work with the new bedding.

…all of which leads us to what is [not] my husband’s favorite part of this whole proposition:


The subject of paint in the master bedroom has been a sore one, since I’ve always been a little annoyed at mistakes we made when painting the room the first time.  I’m excited to get another stab at it now, and am like a little kid in a candy store.  I like paint.

Preliminarily, I’m kind of fond of some of these…

SW 6162 – Ancient Marble, SW 7050 – Useful Gray, SW 6071 – Popular Gray, SW 6073 – Perfect Greige, SW 6163 – Grassland
but SW was out of a few chips I was interested in, so I’ll have to take down a few that I can eliminate and add a few that are closer to whatever I decide I like of these.

Cream colored panel window treatments could be in our future, but for now, if we skip those, this room makeover is going to come in under $200 for new bedding, paint, and bed skirt.  Not bad!

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