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Our totally rad circa 1985 dryer

The next project was (yet another) unplanned appliance purchase – this time, the clothes dryer died on us.  Now on our fourth appliance in 10 months of homeownership, we’re getting to be old hands at this.  In fact, we’re getting to know the guys at Marcella’s Appliances on a first name basis, particularly the ones who work in the scratch & dent section.  [Marcella’s has had way better deals than the big box stores in our (growing) experience.]

We tried the borrow-a-truck-and-retrieve-it-ourselves method with the chest freezer, but it’s much easier and more cost effective to get appliances delivered when there’s an old appliance carcass to be removed and appropriately disposed of at the same time.  Plus, when it has to be lugged to the basement, there’s added incentive to hire some muscle.

We considered briefly whether to see about fixing the old dryer instead, but we estimate the old Kenmore could be original to the house (24 years old).   It had a good life.


So meet its successor.  We went with a pretty basic GE Profile gas dryer, model DPSE810GGWT for anyone in the market.  It has all the utilitarian features we were looking for (super 7.0 cubic ft. capacity, stainless steel drum, a moisture sensor drying cycle), but none of the fancy “extras” (like steam cycles) currently available in dryers twice as expensive.  I just couldn’t get on board with a luxury dryer, of all things.

We’re completely happy with it, but a word to the wise:  this model is LOUD.  Consumer Reports had indicated that the model was reliable but noisy, but I didn’t expect it to be even louder than the dinosaur it replaced.  You can separately hear what sounds like the blower, and the laundry thumping.  It doesn’t bother me at all, because you can’t really hear it upstairs, but I wouldn’t buy this model to go into a hallway or closet laundry room located near areas in the house where people spend time.

It’s taking up residence in the unfinished half of the basement, with the furnace, sump pump, aging-but-chugging washer, and the affectionately dubbed “plastic snowbank” (the chest freezer).  You can see why scratch & dent was a good deal for us here — who cares what it looks like in the basement? — and it saved us $300 off MSRP.  Nice.


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